Interim HR Projects Partnerships

What does it Mean?

It means providing services on demand.

The flexible workforce in business life, combined with technological infrastructure, creates a different dynamic in terms of employer and employee. Even if creating result-oriented new business models entirely requires a serious cultural change, this new business model possesses significant explanations for both companies and employees.

What does HRWORKS provide?

We enable companies to integrate project-based or on-demand knowledge with experience regarding the human resources functions.

What are its advantages for the employers?

Companies, by hiring managers who will work full-time, buy the entire time of that person and try getting the most out of their employees. However, such companies can only occasionally and/or partially manage to be successful with this process.

The new on-demand HR Management services do not suffer from such problems. The employee identifies and demonstrates the added-value they produce. If the employer thinks he needs this added-value, they agree on the terms mutually. Thus, companies get the knowledge and experience in subjects requiring specialization whenever they need.

In addition, they become capable of managing uncertainties in crisis situations more conveniently and flexibly.